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Have you a mighty need for artistic renderings of legendary quests?

Have an awesome character you want to bring to life?

Saw something on the social medias or this website that made you go: "I want that"?

Then good news! :D At the bottom of this page is an email form and links to my socials, where you can get in contact with me regarding your project and get a quote! If you want a VERY basic breakdown of pricing, continue to scroll! Thank you for showing an interest in my work, and I look forward to talking with you.

** Please note, the rates on this page serve as a guideline, not accounting for special discounts that I may be running, or charges like Rush Jobs and commercial pricing. Your best way to get accurate pricing is to send an email or contact me via my social media.

RPG Comic


Stand Alone characters, ideal for character references, sheets and tokens.




Getting the gang together! ideal for
the end of campaigns, milestones and showing your table you care <3
per character /usd


backgrounds start at $50 and vary on complexity


For those moments that are just.. so legendary, it needs to be captured in comic form... that or a hilarious moment that needs the visual.




*  this is a baseline, can be lower or higher depending on complexity.

Greyscale Sketches

Refined sketches that capture important moments or beats in your campaign, without the high buy in of a full comic!


*once again, varies on complexity