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Watching Leafs

See, the title is actually clever because summer is ending, and this is the post where I say it's time to stop vegitating by watching TV all day. Eugh. Anyway, yes, this blog will be meant for news, updates, and whatever else I feel it's important for people interested in my work to know. Or not so important. Or just important enough that I feel it should be here as well as social media. On the news front, I will be attending SPX in Bethesda, Maryland, this September. After the trip to Chicago for the CAKE convention, I'm really eager to see what people are doing, buy as many comics as my suitcase will fit (whats that screaming sound I hear you say? It certainly isn't my wallet), and see if I can make a good enough impression on comic artists far superior to me that they might not call security. Project wise, working with the talented Lisa Shore on a great new kids book, and sketching out plots for a comic I hope will take off. Hopefully. I just- it might. Maybe. Fingers crossed. I think that'll do for a first go, cheers for reading and I'm going to stop talking riiiiiiiight NOW.

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